Broader Impacts




Postdoctoral researchers


PhD Students




High School Science Teachers


High School Students

Building STEM talent

High school science teachers in NYC will be invited to our laboratories to gain hands-on experience in research and develop a lab demonstration experiment involving complex fluids. They will then incorporate what they learned into the science curriculum to motivate high school students to pursue studies in STEM at universities. Undergraduate students will participate in internships at CCNY and partner institutions in Europe. Ph.D.  and Masters students will engage in groundbreaking research jointly mentored by experts at CCNY and partner institutions. They will be well prepared for successful careers in a global, multi-cultural environment.

Innovating for the future

Breakthrough discoveries are expected through the use of advanced tools at CCNY, CUNY’s Advanced Science Research Center and collaborators’ laboratories in Europe. These discoveries would advance our scientific knowledge and also improve industrial processes and energy efficiency. The improvements would include enhanced crude oil recovery from oil reservoirs, mitigation of crude oil pipeline plugging by gas hydrates, utilization of gas hydrates and phase change slurries as secondary refrigerants to reduce the use of ozone layer damaging freons in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Engaging a wider audience

The PIRE researchers and international collaborators give guest seminars to a wide audience of undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students and researchers from CUNY schools as well as neighboring institutions such as Columbia University, New York University, Manhattan College, and Cooper Union. For some seminar topics, the general public will be invited as well.

Improving our society

Advances have been made in experimental methods and computational tools utilizing Molecular Dynamics and lattice Boltzmann models for studying multi-scale, multi-phase problems in complex fluids. This will lead to not only improvements in energy efficiency in different industries, e.g., petroleum and refrigeration, but also in better quality of food products.

Reaching beyond borders

Advances made in the understanding of asphaltenes, gas hydrates, drilling fluids and PCM nanoemulsions will be useful in different industries around the world. Our research findings will be widely disseminated through journal publications, conference presentations and a well maintained website.

Engaging citizens in research

Open houses will be held for the general public to view our research laboratories and exchange ideas with young researchers participating in the PIRE program. This interaction will benefit both the visitors and young researchers who will gain a wider perspective on their research work.